Your Planner, Your Way did you just hear the clouds part and a little bit of music flow down. That’s about how I feel when I think about all the things I can design using Canva. It’s like a beautiful melody of chords that are perfectly complimentary. Yes, I may be exaggerating in my description and no, Canva did not pay us to write this article. We absolutely love their platform. So much so, that this digital publication was designed using their services.

I love planners. I love to write things down and mark them off. I love to keep track of what I made for dinner and when I need to complete specific chores. But oftentimes, it is hard to find a planner that fits my family’s schedule perfectly. Everyday is a constant balance of multiple people’s schedules and business to-do lists.

January is the perfect time to start something new. So before you go out and buy a planner that ultimately doesn’t service your needs, design your own and print it at home. has a free platform you can start with. Just create an account, type in the design topic that you wish to make such as “planner” and choose a design you like. Then customize until you are happy.

The advantage of printing at home – you can try a few printed pieces out before committing to print the whole year. Make adjustments in your design as life changes or as needed.

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