Torched by Jeremy Crabtree

Artisan: Jeremy Crabtree

Jeremy developed a love for the craft after many years of collecting glass sculptures. He took a couple classes in Florida and instantly knew he wanted to do it. Jeremy came home and purchased all of the items needed to get started and he hasn’t stopped making sculptures since.

He has been doing glass work for around 2 years. His work is inspired by his love of any and all kinds animals and plants. Jeremy is always thinking about different animals specifically sea creatures, and wondering “how can I make that?”.

Jeremy admits that he often zones out in his thoughts when he try to work through a new project in his head on how to make it. He doesn’t stop until he figures out how to make it.

Other times his work is inspired by everyday objects. Like the orchid which was designed after one of his own actual orchid plants. Jeremy enjoys taking on the challenges of new sculptures and ideas. When working on glass sculptures, he always positions their body parts (like heads and fins) to give them their own special personality. Sometimes that personality might be joyful which is done by positioning the head up high to show joy, or sadness by positioning the head low with low hanging fins. For example, the crab has one lifted and lowered claw to show you he’s ready to attack, but doesn’t want to. He would rather just be left alone.

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